Rethink my Health | About Us
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About Us


Founded in 1973 as a private, not-for-profit organization, Rethink My Health is committed to health, healing and community. It is independently governed by a local nine-member Board of Directors.

In 1991, Rethink My Health aligned itself with Sanford Health under a management agreement. This integration with a larger health system benefits our patients by providing access to hundreds of specialty physicians and additional expertise needed to expand and develop our services.


The Mission of Rethink My Health is to provide compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost effective healthcare to the community; to promote health; to educate healthcare professionals; and to participate in appropriate clinical research.


Rethink My Health will be an innovative, leading regional health system dedicated to advancing the health and transforming the lives of the people we serve through excellent clinical quality; accessible, patient-centered, caring service; and unmatched physician and employee commitment.

Values:To be a Healthcare company trusted by customers and society, a company fully responsible for its actions. We offer a dedicated range of reliable medical imaging systems of high quality, using our knowledge and technologies to meet specific needs. Our goal is to offer personal care for our customers and solutions that fit best.

Rethink My Health guiding principles are:

Caring and compassion
Respect, dignity and honesty
Safety and quality
Proactive response to changing needs
Cooperation and collaboration
Financial and fiscal responsibility

Our Work

For over 45 years, Rethink My Health (RMH) has been synonymous with holistic and compassionate care. As a mission hospital, we are dedicated to serving every section of society including the most marginalized by providing quality healthcare at affordable cost, directly or through strategic partnerships with the government and other organizations.Rethink My Health has been committed to the health and wellbeing of the Tri-State. We put the patient at the center of everything we do. In doing so, we also focus on the needs of patients’ families, health care providers, and our current and future employees, providing information, tools and resources.
Working side by side with local businesses and community organizations, Rethink My Health seeks to improve the lives of those in need and to create a better place for all of us to live, work and play.

Our Strength

Rethink My Health has a cutting edge over others in the healthcare industry since there are just a handful of institutions providing a one stop quality healthcare and that too at the most affordable rates. The unquenchable thirst for quality here puts us on a constant sprint of bettering the services provided. While accreditations of national repute related to the treatment, technology are surely what everyone looks for in the hospital, we also take pride in the dedication of our care givers who are closet to the patients, the nurses.

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